And another milestone met! 

Our sponsorship signatures have been validated by Oregon’s Elections Division. Now we have entered the Ballot Title phase. 

Next step: Once the Ballot Title phase is complete, we set our sights on collecting 150,000 voter signatures to place the measure on the November ballot. 

There’s no question our proposed amendment to Oregon’s Constitution has broad appealall age groups, all political persuasions, all parts of the state.  

The proposed Constitutional Amendment would guarantee the right of all voters to vote in publicly-funded elections. Non-Affiliated and minor party voters — now comprising 40% of the electorate, over 1 million voters, would no longer be disenfranchised from participating in primary elections. At last, their voices would be heard in selecting which candidates are nominated for general elections. 

 Here’s what you can do to help:

  • Help get the word out!  Urge your family, friends and colleagues to come to this website and complete the online contact form so we can keep them informed along the way. 
  • Make a donation — $5, $25, or $100.  We are managing on a shoestring, and big costs lie ahead.  Time is short.  Be generous if you can!  Click here to make a secure online donation.
  • Volunteer to help.  It is citizens like you that make the difference. Simply contact us at  We welcome your  ideas and questions.

A big milestone has been met, and together we won’t stop until our primary system gives equal access to all!

The Primary Problem courtesy of Unite America

Voting should not require you to join a major political party!

We seek free, open access access for all voters to participate in election primaries.

And free, open, head-to-head competition among all candidates for political office.

Over 1.1 million non-affiliated and third party voters, nearly 40% of the electorate,  are barred from participating in the state’s taxpayer funded primaries.  Voters who prefer not to be associated with a major party should not be required to join that party to participate in elections.

That’s anti-competitive.  That’s undemocratic.  That’s unfair.

It’s time to bring more choice, more voice and more power to voters!

The solution is simple:  Let all voters vote and let all candidates compete.

Over 1 million registered voters in the state of Oregon are prevented from voting in these races because of our state’s CLOSED primary system – that’s almost 40 percent of all voters!  

That’s not right.  It’s time to open up. 

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