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The Primary Problem courtesy of Unite America

Voting should not require you to join a major political party!

We seek free, open access access for all voters to participate in election primaries.

And free, open, head-to-head competition among all candidates for political office.

Over 1.1 million non-affiliated and third party voters, nearly 40% of the electorate,  are barred from participating in the state’s taxpayer funded primaries.  Voters who prefer not to be associated with a major party should not be required to join that party to participate in elections.

That’s anti-competitive.  That’s undemocratic.  That’s unfair.

It’s time to bring more choice, more voice and more power to voters!

The solution is simple:  Let all voters vote and let all candidates compete.

Over 1 million registered voters in the state of Oregon are prevented from voting in these races because of our state’s CLOSED primary system – that’s almost 40 percent of all voters!  

That’s not right.  It’s time to open up. 

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