Initiative Petition

Initiative Petition 2022-039

An initiative petition to amend the Oregon constitution. Specifically to change Article II, Section 1 from:

Elections Free

All elections shall be free and equal.

Current Article II, Section 1.


Elections Free. All elections shall be free and equal.
(1) In all publicly funded elections for state and federal office, the state shall only select
candidates for the general election by conducting an open primary election in which all
qualified candidates and electors may participate regardless of political party affiliation or non-
(2) As used in this section, “office” means all state and federal legislative offices and all
statewide elected offices.

Proposed Article II, Section 1.

For why we think this is a good idea see our “Why sign the Initiative Petition” flyer.

Will you be a sponsor?

All that is needed if you are a registered Oregon voter is to download the Electronic Signature Sheet (a PDF file) and follow its directions closely.

You must fill it out completely, signing it for the petition as well as signing to certify that you printed it. Once filled out and signed twice, mail it to:

Oregon Open Primaries
5331 S Macadam Ave
Ste 258 PMB 1079
Portland, OR 97239-3871