Important Resources

We’ve compiled an extensive list of national academic papers & research covering open/closed primaries, recommended national & local opinion & editorials, general information and our own proposals. 

Published materials:

The Primary Problem by The Unite America Institute (PDF)

Reducing Legislative Polarization: Top Two & Open Primaries are Associated with More Moderate Legislators

Christian R. Grose, USC Schwarzenegger Institute 

California Top Two Open Primary: A Successful Reform

 – Charles T. Munger (A USC Schwarzenegger Institute white paper)

Bipartisan Policy Center Analysis finds that participation rates tend to increase with open primaries

-John C. Fortier Director, BPC Democracy Project, Matthew Weil Associate Director, BPC Democracy Project, Michael Thorning Senior Policy Analyst, BPC Democracy Project, Joshua Ferrer Consultant, BPC Democracy Project

Editorials & Opinion:

Oregon’s closed primaries are degrading state’s legacy of democratic innovation

written by David Ellis & Jeremy Gruber for The Oregonian

Editorial: Opening Oregon’s primaries would give voice to people, not parties

written by The Oregonian Editorial Board

Editorial: Oregon needs an open primary

written by the Bulletin Editorial Board

Opinion: A new kind of primary, a greater say for voters

written by Robert Harris and Mark Frohnmayer for

The liberal-moderate rift among Democrats has blown open in California

written by Jeremy B. White for Politico

“Politics Isn’t Broken…It’s Fixed!” a discussion with Katherine Gehl

Open Primaries (National)

Other Resources:

State Primary Election Types

National Conference of State Legislatures

Summary of California’s primary system

California Secretary of State

Oregon’s 2014 Open Primaries ballot initiative (Measure 90)